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Our platform allows bidders from all over the world to partake on a level playing-field with a local audience, opening the sale to a global market. Buyers can register and bid on properties from the comfort of their own home or office, wherever they are in the world, on whatever device they are most comfortable using.

Assets in London or Dublin attract international investors, from the USA to New Zealand, and over 40% of bidding takes place on a mobile device. This is unrivalled market exposure to the greatest possible audience.

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Property expertise

Our in-house chartered surveyors and experienced commercial and residential teams provide market-leading expertise throughout the entire sales life cycle, from advising on asset pricing and marketing strategy through to completion of sales.

Our surveyors have access to unrivalled market intelligence from the data we collect through our digital platform. Advanced reporting mechanisms provide instantly available information on your property's performance, giving you informed advice and insights to support the sale. These insights are fundamental to our process.

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We believe that the property transaction process should not be secretive or complicated, and that transparency provides a foundation of trust for both our buyers and sellers.

Legal documents for each property are available for inspection via our online portal, allowing interested parties to complete due diligence. All bidders are registered, and every bid placed during the sale of a property is logged and displayed in real-time. Buyers trust the process and tens of thousands of bidders have used our system to purchase properties of all kinds.

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The security provided by our registration processes, which all potential purchasers must complete in order to take part, will be important for you as a seller. Bidders must pre-commit a deposit, the amount of which is relative to the reserve price on your property. We will only authorise a party for bidding once all relevant checks have been completed, a deposit has been transferred, and a guarantee provided that the legal documents relating to the property have been read.

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